Toxic people: how to recognize and deal with them

When people are just not good for us To describe another person as “toxic” is a statement in itself. Nevertheless, it is necessary and important to recognize behavior that negatively affects our life, our health and our mental well-being as such as soon as possible. We can encounter toxic people anywhere: in partnership, in the … Leer más

Hair styling straighteners: perfect for hot styles

A flat iron is a versatile styling tool. With it you bring variety to your hair styling. Of course, the tool is particularly popular with women who have a curly mane and want to tame it with the hair straightener. The styling tool is ideal for this. You get unruly curls and waves wonderfully smooth … Leer más

Hygge was yesterday, the new Scandinavian lifestyle is called PANTSDRUNK

On the hunt for hygge (the Danish concept of cosiness) and lagom (the Swedish feeling of frugality) follows the new Scandinavian lifestyle trend – the Finnish kalsarikänni, or pantsdrunk in English. Literally translated, Kalsarikänni means “home alone, drinking in your underwear”. This is exactly the description of Pantsdrunk presented in the book Kalsarikanni: The Finnish … Leer más

Discover the most beautiful winter accessories trends 20/21

These accessories enhance your outfit in winter 2020/21 The looks of the season are history, because the designers are already working on the spring and summer collections for the coming year. Some details, however, enjoy a remarkable persistence. In winter 2020/21, what was already popular in earlier times will come to the fore again. Other … Leer más

Crochet baby shoes instructions and 23 lovely crochet patterns

Crochet baby shoes is one of the most popular DIY activities for moms and one of the most adorable handmade patterns. Many of us have a nostalgic pair that is carefully kept from childhood. They make the perfect baby shower or birthday gifts and can also go to charity. Crocheting baby shoes is quick and … Leer más

Ashwagandha: This is behind the Ayurvedic medicinal plant

Some terms sound somehow mysterious and magical. “Ashwagandha” is such a term. If you have ever dealt with the traditional Indian medical system Ayurveda, you may already know Ashwagandha from your own experience. The Indians have traditionally used extracts of the plant as medicines for centuries. According to Ayurvedic doctors, ashwagandha extracts can regulate blood … Leer más

Big data: 11 examples of useful applications in everyday life

Big Data – a term that you have certainly heard of, but with which you may not yet be familiar. It describes the collection and evaluation of huge amounts of data, and many people are rather skeptical about this. But there are now numerous applications that everyone can benefit from, including you; and which you … Leer más